Our Services

When a company is facing financial difficulty, all stakeholders are impacted including shareholders, management, secured lenders, trade creditors and employees. If such circumstances arise, it is critical to assess options on a timely basis and to implement a strategy that maximizes value. It is equally important to work with professionals who can quickly and effectively understand the dynamics of a particular situation and offer sound practical advice and develop a strategy that is tailored for these unique circumstances and objectives.

Rosen Goldberg Inc.’s professionals have significant experience in assisting stakeholders through such situations. We offer decisive and value added advice, assessing options and developing and implementing strategies and common sense solutions. Throughout the years, we have advised lenders, shareholders, management as well as other creditors groups.

In carrying out these mandates Rosen Goldberg Inc., has acted in various capacities including:

  • Consultant to stakeholder groups
  • Court-Appointed or Private Receiver
  • Licensed Insolvency Trustee
  • Proposal Trustee
  • Formal or informal monitor