Case Studies

Case #1 – Operating Receivership

The Problem
A greenhouse operation was significantly overleveraged and experiencing a severe cash flow deficiency. As a result of the cash flow problems, the company had arrears with a utility company who had issued notice that it would terminate service. This action would result in the crops spoiling and loss of revenue as well as complicating future operations... Read More


Case #2 – Shareholder Dispute

The Problem
A company engaged in construction and real estate development was subject to a bitter shareholder’s dispute resulting in the incurrence of substantial professional fees without a resolution, and ultimately, the operations coming to a standstill.  As a result of the situation, and despite the fact that the company was not insolvent... Read More


Case #3 – Medical Professional

The Problem
A doctor had been assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency for both outstanding personal income taxes and unremitted employee source deductions.  The total debt was in excess of $1,500,000.  The taxpayer had unsuccessfully appealed the quantum of the assessments... Read More